Thursday, January 10, 2008

300 Spartans Vignete.

The vignete is at its completion stage. Here some pictures that turned out well. I did some more weathering and will take some more photos of the latest process.

WIP 300 Spartan: Making the vignete base


Time for blogging my latest work: vignete of three Spartan warriors. I decided to create a base for three figures. I decided to create a rocky cliffside as the scene just like what we saw on the movie 300.

I began using terracota clay and then moulded using RTV silicon. The moulding process was a success but my original base broke into pieces as I removed it from the mould. Should have took a photo of it b4 moulding it. Anyway this was after the process.

The vignete base cast in resin

On top of the above process, I also managed to cast my Spartan warrior in resin thus having multiple parts to use make some conversions and have some variations in the poses. I sculpted a Persian shield using putty and styrene to add to the base.

Moulding and casting were quite a tedious process (not mentioning expensive too).It needs alot of care and attention but the end product of seeing my sculpt reproduced in resin was exciting enuff for me.

Birds at War!

Woke up one day last December to the sound of hundreds of chirping birds. That was the most bizarre thing that happened in the last few days of 2007. Reminds me of the film Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. Looks like crows vs mynahs. Glad I caught bits of it.