Sunday, June 3, 2007

Updated and improved Iraq Mosque Raid

Hi everyone,

Due to great response and input from the guys at, I made certain improvemets to the diorama I posted a month back. I added a soldier to man the .50 caliber a Browning on the Humvee and also made some changes the desert camo scheme colour of the overall troops. Also I added a NVG mounts on some of the soldiers to have them have an updated look.

Thanks to the army guys like m1garand and US Iraq veteran DM1975 who gave great input this past month especially on the equipment that US soldiers are currently using. Of course, I won't forget the others who contributed to the thread as well.

I did a bit more research and added a little more colour and weathering on the Humvee especially the tyres and boots of the soldiers. Well there is still lots of updating to do but I guess this is the best thing I could conjure up with at this moment. I experimented with transparent googles for two of the soldiers using resin for the gunner on Humvee and the African American soldier on the right.

Hope everyone enjoy the photos .