Saturday, July 21, 2007

WIP: Falaise Pocket 3 Argentan

Okay the next step I did was to make some bricks of differet sizes from paper clay and foamboard. These would later be added to my rubble pile and as strewn debris.

With the building ready to be painted I had bouts of "itchy fingers" and began scratch building miniature furniture to furnish my building. I used combination of balsa, tooth picks and scrap wood to create these. Suddenly I was asking myself, " Am I building a war dio or doll house?"

I began putting together everything to see what position looks good. I replaced the Cromwell tank with an M4 Sherman. Also, I began piling up
rubble and broken wood inside the building to see how the combination presents itself and whether I need more materials to complete this.(Cont' next post)