Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Project: Falaise Pocket Argentan COMPETITION DAY!

Peace to all,

Today is competition day and I took a few more photos and did last minute touch-ups after dat. Here are the photos. I have taken out some things and added some if you noticed. I took out the street lamp cause I placed the anti tank gun further back behind the archway. Another change was that I added posters at the side of the building.

Let me describe to you all the whole process of this project. It went like this:

Stressful: cause I am worried whether I could finish in time. I spend bout 2 1/2 months of my time for this one. There's only 1 competition a year. I don't wanna wait another year.

SHOCKING cause I see no one at the competition. I'm very early! Do they give points for that? Darn! Judging is on Sunday.

RELIEF cause now I can relax and wind down and wait for the outcome.
Hopefully I could get a placing in the competition and have some more fun and fufilling modelling days ahead. Lets see what happens this Sunday. I'll snap more photos of the competition when I go back one of these days.


scruffysmileyface said...

Looking awesome! It's hard to make those old Tamiya figures look good, especially without just covering them with aftermarket stuff like I did. But yours look fantastic!
I followed your link here from the Finescale forum, and I'm glad I did. A agree with you about the Mini-Art buildings, though. Too much filling and sanding on the edges. I'm lookuing for ways to get arouns all that - know any?

sharkreef said...

There's plenty of brands out there on the market,you can check Firestormmodels site if you like, Plastic and resin buildings a plenty. All these cause costs more than I can afford.

As for the Tamiya figures, I scratchbuild the helmet straps and used a combi of Vallejo, Mr Colour and Citadel Miniatures paint. Lots of layers and feathering done. I try not get aftermarket stuff$$$ for now.

Hey thanks again for dropping by.

Edleen said...

Ayep, interesting! and your cats are cute as ever! :D