Saturday, August 11, 2007

WIP: Falaise Pocket 5 Argentan

Next step, I weathered the cobblestone by applying fine sand over diluted PVA glue. Then I applied burnt sienna wash onto the sand to weather it abit.

As you can see now the rubble pile I made earlier have been glued together and glued onto the base and painted and drybrushed with blacks and greys and finally some brick and sand colours.

The exciting part of course is the figure painting. Here are some stages of painting. I used acrylics thruout but used a combination of figure painting techniques of oil and acrylics painting(from the Historicus Forma and Finescale forum). I think I did okay with the technique I devised.

Batch painting in progress...

For the skin I mainly used Dark flesh, dwarf flesh and elf flesh all from citadel miniatures paint.The acrylic technique is called feathering. Though it turned out well, I still believe paintings in oils is the ultimate goal. Next time I'll try dat.